French doors offer the best of both worlds - the durability
of fiberglass and the warmth of furniture-grade, clear,
vertical-grain Douglas Fir. You get a carefree exterior, plus all
the beauty of a wood interior. And we do mean beauty.
We're so picky about our wood that we actually count the
number of annual growth rings per inch for quality and

   You can stain our wood interiors clear or finish them to
match existing woodwork in everything from a maple to a
cherry appearance. For the exterior, you can order our
fiberglass doors in five baked-on standard exterior colors. A
wide selection of hardware and grid options is available.
  • Wood beauty with durability of fiberglass frame
  • Clear, vertical-grain Douglas fir warms interiors
  • Allows exterior painting (unlike vinyl)
  • Available in 5 baked-on exterior colors that won't peel
    or eggshell
  • Custom shapes, sizes and configurations
  • Exceeds California's tough forced entry codes
Wood clad French Doors